Introductory Econometrics (Inleiding Econometrie 1) 2015

I will use this page to publish code allowing you to replicate the empirical and simulation results presented during the classes. All the code in these posts is R code. R allows me to easily share code with you, which you can run and modify. The simplest way to do that is:

  • Install Rstudio (free, open source, compatible with all platform),
  • Copy/paste the pieces of code below in Rstudio’s console,

that’s it.

These post also contains some computational questions. I encourage you to give these questions a try: if you really understand something, then you should be able to program it. Use whichever language/package you feel most comfortable with.

I have enabled comments. I encourage you to use those to ask questions and reply to open questions if you know the answer. The comments are anonymous and not necessarily linked to your vu email, please keep it clean.